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Above is a  graphical depiction of the Ripper data that is freely available.

As of 23 September 2020 :

Facts 33%. Factoids 77%. Fiction 53%.

Put simply, only a third of what you read, see, and hear about the Ripper is fact. Of course this is in my opinion. Nonetheless this site gives you access to the data so you can evaluate the accuracy and authenticity of my research.  

Seperating the facts, fictions, and factoids

‘Examining The Agenda’ is the tagline for this site (see above). Agenda can be described as a scheduled plan of topics or events. 

The widely reported narrative is that the Ripper was a maniac who hated women. 

He prowled the streets of Whitechapel and randomly attacked and killed poor ladies of the night throughout 1888. 

There was no connection between the women, no linking causality. He was never caught. 

Many letters were received, purportedly from the killer. Here you can see the famous “Dear Boss” letter.  It is signed Jack the Ripper. Thus was the legend born.

Below is a transcription of the letter:

dear boss transcribed

The Purpose of This Site

Were the Ripper murders a completely random set of senseless killings ? Or was there actually an agenda, a set of motives, and purpose. deliberately obscured and hidden?

This site conducts a forensic style examination of all the Ripper data and information that is out there. You are encouraged to draw your own conclusions.

jack ripper trevor marriott

Trevor Marriott is a retired murder squad detective who lectures and has written multiple books on JTR. He spent several years seeking to gain access to files that are closed to public scrutiny. This is what he has to say: “In fact, over the past 130 years, the mystery has deepened so much that the truth about the murders has been totally obscured. Innumerable press stories, books, plays, films and even musicals have dramatized and distorted the facts, with the unfortunate result that the public have now accepted the fiction more readily than the facts, and as a result with out a doubt, have been misled by what they have seen and read.”

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What if ingredients and components of the country’s very history had somehow interwoven to become the warp and weft that created  a fabric.

A fabric of Society.

                                             What if this fabric of English Society was spun into  a cloak?        

And what if this elaborately constructed damask fabric cloak  was stitched together with threads of Agenda?


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A cloak that to this very day covers and encloses the Jack the Ripper story?


Nine women were killed in the London Whitechapel area in 1888. Opinions differ as to who the killer, or killers were. Some of these victims all died by having their throats cut; they are now referred to as the “Canonical Five”. There is a widely pushed narrative out there that these five were killed by the same person – Jack the Ripper (JTR). Yet again some believe that JTR also killed others of the nine victims, notwithstanding the fact that their throats were not cut. 


For almost five years. since Spring 2016, I have been a JTR tour guide. Rather than suggest, or tell people who I think/believe/know the Ripper to be, I invite them to become detectives. I give them the facts of the case. If there is enough time at the end of a walk I invite each walker to speak for a minute or two. Do they still believe the “official” lone killer narrative? Do they disbelieve it? If so what do they believe?

On this site I extend the same invitation. With one proviso.

Like a modern day ‘Lieutenant Columbo’ I respect only the facts of the case. Here is where you make the decision whether or not this website is for you: What are your paradigms? 

By way of example, I will mention Richard Jones in order to highlight the choices available.

jack ripper

Richard Jones : Jack The Ripper The Casebok

For many years the above book was my bible. I learnt it by rote. Literally. By the way,  this means learning perfectly,  every word on a page from a book, such that you can narrate, or write it down exactly the same as the original, but from memory. Eventually you memorise the whole book this way. Back in the 1960’s it was how I studied Latin in preparation for the daily ‘unseen’ exams, in order to translate Caesar’s Gallic Wars, Virgil – The Aenid and so on.  (So for two years I could tell you what page and paragraph I was quoting the venerable Mr Jones from as I conducted my walks and lectures ). Then about 30 months ago I experienced  my JTR epiphany. I was guiding a medium sized group consisting mainly of tourists. An American enquired of me as to why there were JTR files that were blocked from public access. At that moment I  also employed other guides. I used one of them for research as he was already registered with  the National Archives Office at Kew. The National Archives had been the sources of my research and knowledge as well as published JTR books, and the internet. NONE of those sources had ever referred to the existence of JTR material that had blocked/RESTRICTED access. Once I began researching UNCENSORED JTR records, I then came across Trevor Marriot.

So I have now mentioned two published JTR authors. Richard Jones and Trevor Marriot. I have tremendous respect for them both. I simply use them as examples of two different schools of thought. The events of 30th September 1888, referred to as the “double event”, can be used to illustrate the opposing viewpoints.

On that night, at approximately 1 am, Elizabeth Stride is found dead, with her throat cut, in Dutsfield Yard, Whitechapel. Forty five minutes later Catherine Eddowes is found murdered and mutilated in Mitre Square, City of London. Catherine was disembowelled, with her intestines arranged over her right shoulder. Her neck was cut, almost to the point of decapitation. Her nose was also sliced, eyelids and earlobe stabbed. She is reported as being found without her left kidney and uterus. At 1.30 am Mitre Square was empty, as evidenced by PC Ed Watkins, a patrolling policeman. Fifteen minutes later Eddowes is found, in the condition just previously described.Subsequently a dichotomy has arisen when it comes to interpreting the facts: 

eddowes mitre sq

One Jack The Ripper

Jones tells you that there was only one JTR. Jack randomly slaughtered his female victims who were not linked in any way. The attacks on these women happened at the locations where they were found. There was no conspiracy. Ergo there could be no agenda. Furthermore Mr Jones has no problems in accepting the official story of Eddowes’ death in Mitre Square. To be fair, he is not alone in this.

Multiple Jack The Rippers

Mr Marriott believes there were several killers. He does not believe that organs were necessarily removed at the time and place that the bodies were found. He does not believe Eddowes’ kidney and uterus were removed at Mitre Square. He believes Eddowes was  killed by Carl Feigenbaum and that a different assailant killed Stride. Marriott is not alone in this belief either: Donald Rumbelow doesn’t believe that Elizabeth Stride was killed by the Ripper.


In 1996 Dr Iain West, Guy’s Hospital,  was unequivocal in his JTR pronouncements. Dr West was probably the most prominent Forensic Pathologist in the UK back then. He was featured in a Channel 4 documentary. At this moment it can still be found on youTube : or enter (1996 )The Whitechapel Murders into YouTube search. The following are direct quotes from Dr West, speaking about the Mitre Square killer of Eddowes,13 minutes into the video :

“He certainly appears to have had some basic anatomical knowledge, in other words where he can find a kidney, and to remove the uterus. It’s unlikely that he would have not known roughly where the organs were in the body. Certainly from the pattern of cutting there is no sign that he was used to handling a knife….perhaps on the fringes of medical world, perhaps someone who was trying to disguise he may be more than on the fringes of the medical world.” When then asked how long the evisceration would take : ” Two minutes. It’s been very crudely done, crudely rapidly done. Moving a knife quickly I would imagine that everything could have been done perhaps in two, perhaps in three minutes.

jack ripper

The Treaty of Nanking signed in 1842, along with a copper case containing the wax seal of Queen Victoria,

1833 Factory Act banned children working in textile factories under age of 9. Up to age 13 they could work a maximum of 9 hours a day, 48 hours a week.

1842 Mines Act banned women, girls, and boys below 10 years working underground in the mines.

child trapper

Child Trappers in Northern England Coal MInes

Victorian establishment


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The Victims

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The Suspects

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